Dear InCHIP Affiliates,


We are excited to announce that InCHIP has launched its new Intervention Core. The Core enables affiliates to leverage InCHIP’s extensive experience in health behavior interventions, and to build collaborations with leading UConn researchers in the area of intervention research that lead to more successful research and external grant applications. The services provided by the InCHIP Intervention Core will help health researchers design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate rigorous, evidence-based interventions that can have a significant impact on the health of people in the U.S. and around the world.


Health behavior interventions strive to induce changes in behaviors that effect a person’s health, and are a key part of improving health worldwide. InCHIP has long recognized that it is important for health researchers to be able to develop strong, theory-based interventions, and to translate their research findings into concrete, effective interventions, and this Intervention Core is the latest step we are taking towards that goal. UConn, and InCHIP in particular, is home to a number of the world’s leading intervention researchers. The purpose of the InCHIP Intervention Core is to help health researchers make connections and form research collaborations with these experts at UConn, which can then lead to more innovative research and higher rates of external funding.


The InCHIP Intervention Core will offer a number of resources and services to help InCHIP investigators find support, training, and collaborations to develop health behavior interventions. These resources and services include:

  • Network of Intervention Experts at UConn: The InCHIP Intervention Core maintains a list of UConn faculty members with expertise in behavioral interventions.
  • Building Research Teams: The InCHIP Intervention Core facilitates the formation of collaborative research partnerships between investigators and intervention experts. The InCHIP Boundary Spanners can help investigators find intervention experts relevant to their research, and coordinate the initial research meetings.
  • Workshops and Lectures: The InCHIP Intervention Core hosts lectures and workshops from leading investigators in the field of behavioral intervention. These events will enable UConn researchers and students to learn about cutting-edge methodologies in behavioral intervention research, and help them to develop an understanding of how intervention research works.
  • Expert Consultations: The InCHIP Intervention Core provides expert consultations for behavioral intervention studies and external grant proposals. The experts associated with the Core can provide consultations and collaborative support in many areas of intervention research, a list of which can be found on the InCHIP Intervention Core website.


To learn more about the InCHIP Intervention Core or to request support for your intervention research, please visit our website or contact us at




Kim Gans, PhD, MPH

InCHIP Intervention Core Co-Director

Professor, Human Development and Family Studies


Jeffrey Fisher, PhD

InCHIP Intervention Core Co-Director

InCHIP Director

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences