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Welcome to our network of Correctional Health Partners

On behalf of the members of our interdisciplinary research, clinical and academic teams, I would like to welcome you to explore our web site. We welcome you to contact us and share with us your thoughts, ideas and activities. You will note our model, rooted in translational science, is intended to indicate a flow of information within and between research, education, policy and the clinical practice environments with the aim of increasing the relevance and reliability of information about correctional health care, to build clinical skills and develop knowledge and understanding for the use of that information.

Deborah Shelton PhD, RN, NE-BC, CCHP, FAAN
University of Connecticut
School of Nursing Professor
Correctional Managed Health Care

University of Connecticut HealthCenter


UConn School of Nursing: Deborah Shelton
CT Department of Correction:
Cheryl Cepelak

UConn Health Center: Bob Trestman
UConn Human Rights: Sarah Willen

Correctional Health Care Model

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Community/Public Health Model for Corrections
Six important components of a public health model for correctional health care have been identified (Lincoln & Miles, 2006):
  • Early detection and assessment: including behavioral risk status assessment;
  • Comprehensive treatment: addressing bio-psycho-social needs of inmate and family;
  • Prevention and health promotion: includes wellness of staff and caregivers;
  • Health education: to impact knowledge, attitudes, behavior, skills, and social norms;
  • Continuity of care: reentry programs and access to medical benefits;
  • Use of data for programmatic and public health response: outcome measurement and assurance of quality.