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Louise Reagan and Donna Zucker


With funding from UCONN’s Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, the Center for correctional Health Networks hosted tow correctional health scholars on May 29, 2014. The goal of this symposium was to educate junior and senior investigators on how to access departments of correction as research partners and to explore future grant possibilities.

Evidence is drawn from ten years of NIH funded projects in corrections and two presenters: Louise Reagan, APRN, MS, who conducted her dissertation study on diabetic inmates, was invited to discuss her experience from the perspective of a new researcher and junior faculty. The second presenter was Donna Zucker, PhD, RN, FAAN, who shared her experiences and understanding of the process of developing research within a jail setting.

The audience generated a list of Correctional Research Priorities. These are provided for your review as well.


Correctional Research Priorities 2014  –  Creating Pathways Objectives






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